I love being right. It doesn't happen all that often, so I have to make the best of it. What's he babbling about, I hear you cry. When I first heard Fluffy The Pitbull, my immediate reaction was Klezmer. The track was Rat Race. And something about the tempo and the instrumental backing and maybe even the vocal reminded me of Jewish music. So when I did a quick search on the artist, whose name is actually Nicole Chaplain-Pearman, and read her claim to be (and I quote) "a total klezmaniac" I felt even smarter than I usually do. (I'm sorry you had to see that.)

Anyway, Fluffy has a sound all her own. In fact, I was surprised to discover that she's a she; hers is not what I would call a feminine voice. But the combination of Fluffy's vocals, instrumentation and witty and iconoclastic lyrics puts Gabardine Swine a cut about the usual iTMS offerings.

Hank Schiffman, Mountain View, California -

interesting cd. a very good first. love the band, great restraint, just what's needed, no more no less. if this is the fluffy sound, i love that too, heavy, chunky, worldy. it's my opinion that fluffy is utterly brilliant when she lets "armageddon" happen in her lyrics... i would counsel her to "let loose baby" don't bother trying to save us... "this too will pass?" let it burn fluffy, let it burn to the ground... rock on sister.

alex boiselle, ROOTS and WORLD, Calgary, Alberta! - Make Your Rock Dream Come True! It's NEW. Easy. FREE HOT Music Promotion!